the capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or the facilitation of a function or activity.

Tipping Point

Posted on | October 19, 2009 | Comments Off on Tipping Point

Just read an interesting post on the digital version of  “Federal Computer Week”. The title is ‘Social media in government: Welcome to the tipping point’.

What I took away from this was not just the fact that three of the ten most accessed stories were about social media but more importantly the very appropriate (in my opinion) conclusion on the part of the author, Steve Kelman.

the question is not whether government should embrace social networking technologies, but how most productively to use them — inside agencies (to build social capital, as tools for communities of practice, and so forth) and between agencies and the public — to promote higher-quality government. “How,” of course, includes dealing with cybersecurity, loafing on the job, and other issues that worry many in government. But that dialogue has to be in the context of how, not whether. The time for debating whether to embrace social media should be past.

I feel that this conclusion is germane to any disscussion of Social Media in business as well. Comments?


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