the capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or the facilitation of a function or activity.

Dark Fiber in Tacoma, Washington – letter

I don’t want to talk about the fact that in the United States what we pay for internet connectivity is 2.5 times what a similar service in the UK costs and almost 7 times what we would pay in South Korea or about the fact that our internet is ranked 31st in global speed ratings. […]

New Jersey’s Attorney General issue subpoena to MIT students.

TITLE: New Jersey’s Attorney General issues subpoena to MIT students. This is a story we should pay attention to for a couple of reasons. The first is the chilling effect this will have on the Computer Science students at MIT who are working on the project they call “Tidbit”, but just as important is the […]

Default Password Policy Win Server 2008

Changing Server 2008 Password Policy I have been having some fun working on a couple of Windows Server 2008 R2 installations. Learning a lot of new things every day and this is something that I thought might be of interest. In one installation the folks that were paying the bill did not like the default […]

Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions – Agent Brown

7 ½ step path to a successful project There aren’t really seven and one half steps to magically manage successful projects, or ten for that matter, but there are a number of items that will always require careful and diligent attention. I was working on a project writing a database query interface for a law […]

Social Media and Non Profits

You hear a lot of buzz about NonProfits and social media these days. Some commentators believe that NCOs are the perfect fit for these emerging technologies where other experts believe just the opposite, that social media applications will allow advocates to more easily organize independently of non-profits. (67%) (of study respondents – execs at US […]

Lists – for everything

Some people love to make lists. Some people love to read them. Some people are just plain afraid of them. They probably know something I don’t. Personally I make lists everyday because it is the only way that I remember anything. Really. When I was a kid I liked to spend rainy days wandering around […]

Shift Happens

Just reading about the the 3rd annual Media Convergance Conference in New York in beginning tomorrow and running through the 21st of Oct, 2009. This is being hosted by The Economist Magazine. This would be wonderful to attend, there are going to be some very exciting speakers and I can imagine that there will be […]

Twitter users “consume more news”

Pew says that the average Twitter user is “overwhelmingly young,”

Mobile Internet access has jumped 34 percent

I was wandering through Mobile Crunch the other day and read this article claiming that most new mobile internet users are women, teens and seniors. Embattled ratings company Nielsen has published some Internet findings that may interest you. (If not, go make a sandwich or something.) The big finding is that mobile access to the […]

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