the capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or the facilitation of a function or activity.

11 steps to a better relationship…with your data.

11 steps to a better relationship…with your data. New Years Resolutions – Keep your data Yours. After reading some new information regarding the Target data breach in December that exposed the personal and financial information of more than one hundred and ten million people (110,000,000) we at 2bridges Technologies thought it would be wise to […]

The Heartbleed Bug

by 2bridges CIO, Ken Lombardi I know there is a great deal of information about Heartbleed on the Internet but I wanted to take a couple of moments to quickly describe the issue, tell you what we at 2bridges Technologies have done to to insure the safety of clients using our services, and also to […]

Installation of zimbra 8.06 Collaboration Server Open Source on a hyper-v vm

Installation of zimbra 8.06 Collaboration Server Open Source on a hyper-v vm March 2014 – ken lombardi Well – I thought I would jot down some notes while I was installing ZCS – Open Source on a Hyper-V cluster. Single server installation. In the short time since this installation we have all been […]

My Xoom MZ602 (Verizon LTE) doesn’t get 4G anymore

This is for Xoom MZ602 – verizon lte/4G device – Wrong baseband running 4.1.2 – gets 3g but no 4g So… not sure how but somewhere along the line this 4G Xoom of mine lost its way and could no longer see the 4Gees. Possibly during some ROM install or another (or maybe cosmic radiation). […]

Verizon MIFI 2200 vs the VPN

Recently I was troubleshooting what I initially felt was a SonicWall VPN problem. The client/user tunnels to the VPN endpoint through a wireless connection with a Verizon MIFI 2200. The tunnel comes up just fine but after a few minutes his Remote Desktop Connection to a box on the other end of the VPN drops. […]

South Sound Technology Conference

November 20, 2009 South Sound Technology Conference Great conference. Cool venue at University of Washington Tacoma, William W. Philip Hall. Lots of interesting folks there with some nice panel discussions – if you are in the industry or just interested in finding out more about the local tech scene you should plan on attending next […]

Huh? No Really. When Tweets aren’t just tweets.

I get so busy that sometimes I miss some really fun(ny) things that are happening on some of the Social Media sites. In this case I am thinking of Twitter which has a very open attitude about sharing it’s innards, known in the industry as an API – application programming interface. Basically this allows other […]

Tipping Point

Just read an interesting post on the digital version of  “Federal Computer Week”. The title is ‘Social media in government: Welcome to the tipping point’. What I took away from this was not just the fact that three of the ten most accessed stories were about social media but more importantly the very appropriate (in […]

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