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My Xoom MZ602 (Verizon LTE) doesn’t get 4G anymore

Posted on | September 22, 2013 | Comments Off on My Xoom MZ602 (Verizon LTE) doesn’t get 4G anymore

This is for Xoom MZ602 – verizon lte/4G device – Wrong baseband running 4.1.2 – gets 3g but no 4g

So… not sure how but somewhere along the line this 4G Xoom of mine lost its way and could no longer see the 4Gees. Possibly during some ROM install or another (or maybe cosmic radiation).

I first tried to stock (3.2.2) and allowed all of the ota (over the air) updates from Verizon – this did not work.

A good friend managed to get it working on 3G again but no 4G. We agreed that it had the wrong baseband radio (cdma only).

I looked and looked and read and read – found a number of places and discussions that touched on this but I was looking for the Holy Grail (something that is simple – well, relatively simple – and works)

Some how after playing around some more trying to fix this problem I ended up with android 4.0.4 unlocked and rooted with team win recovery but still no 4G.

I threw my hands in the air and said “Just start over dammit” …and thought some more…sounds good but exacty at what point – os version, etc – should my phone be at when I start over?

This is where my Xoom was when I started this final process :
stock 4.0.4 rom, rooted (universal root) with the bootloader unlocked (fastboot oem unlock). I was running ClockworkMod recovery.

The process below is what I ended up doing to fix my problem – it worked great for me. I used a computer running windows 8.

Understand that this will take you back to stock – but it’s so easy to get root back – why worry?

I picked up these steps from several different places and taped them together into something that was coherent for me and hopefully will help you.

Thank you to all of the folks that do all of the hard work so that I can figure out an easy way to fix my phone

You can break/brick your phone doing these things.
Before you proceed note that this can void your warranty.
We will not be held responsible if anything should happen to your device.
Proceed at your own risk.
Flashing the wrong radio can brick your device

Here are the steps:

1- Find the img files for 3.2.2 –
 (make sure you have the full image files – not the upgrade files)
2- Get – CDMA_N_03.1A.65P LTEDC_U_05.19.07
3- Collect the CWM recovery image file
4- You need to have fastboot.exe and the appropriate device drivers
(I assume you have them and know roughly how to use them)
If not – go to XDA or some other resource and read a HowTo

3. recovery-Tiamat-R4c-100611-1150-cwm.img
4. what was this for? oh yeah fastboot.exe and drivers –

Unzip the MZ602 file – when you are done you should have:

<start later note>
(after writing this I collected all of these things into one place and zipped them up with these directions) I called it
</end later note>

These need to go into the directory with fastboot.exe so they are easy to find when you are typing commands (I used c:\xoom )

If you are going to need CWM recovery put it in there with fastboot.exe too. (if you already have it loaded it’s ok to not reflash it)

Take the file and put in on a microsd card – we are going to use CWM to install this…
Put that sd card into your xoom.

–Skip this section if you already have CWM installed
Put your xoom into fastboot mode and hook it up to your computer
Open a command prompt and move into the directory where you have fastboot and the files
Flash the CWM image (fastboot flash recovery recovery-Tiamat…..img)

–Start here if you already have ClockWorkMod installed
Boot into recovery (3 seconds after the [red circle M] press the vol down key – select with the vol up key)
install the bootloader update (the using CWM recovery

reboot the phone into fastboot (don’t let it restart…restart bad. fastboot good.)
flash the unzipped HLK75D images

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot erase cache
fastboot oem lock

yay! – reboot the device
Don’t freak out if you look at the settings and it says baseband unkown…. be calm – set up wifi and let the xoom do the first update

If life is good and all is well you should be at 3.2.4 after the upgrade and the baseband version should be
CDMA_N_03.1A.65P LTEDC_U_05.19.07
The next update should be HLK75H and will take a little longer probably but who really knows – maybe it will decide to be faster. 3.2.6?
I forgot to check – yes 4Gees

Now onto ICS update….and then JBean
They all seem to take way too much time for me…I get a little edgy waiting to see if I’ve really broken my tablet this time.

Sweet success…4.1.2 stock and with 4G…

Good Luck,


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