the capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or the facilitation of a function or activity.

Verizon MIFI 2200 vs the VPN

Recently I was troubleshooting what I initially felt was a SonicWall VPN problem. The client/user tunnels to the VPN endpoint through a wireless connection with a Verizon MIFI 2200. The tunnel comes up just fine but after a few minutes his Remote Desktop Connection to a box on the other end of the VPN drops. […]

Default Password Policy Win Server 2008

Changing Server 2008 Password Policy I have been having some fun working on a couple of Windows Server 2008 R2 installations. Learning a lot of new things every day and this is something that I thought might be of interest. In one installation the folks that were paying the bill did not like the default […]

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