the capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or the facilitation of a function or activity.

South Sound Technology Conference

November 20, 2009 South Sound Technology Conference Great conference. Cool venue at University of Washington Tacoma, William W. Philip Hall. Lots of interesting folks there with some nice panel discussions – if you are in the industry or just interested in finding out more about the local tech scene you should plan on attending next […]

Lists – for everything

Some people love to make lists. Some people love to read them. Some people are just plain afraid of them. They probably know something I don’t. Personally I make lists everyday because it is the only way that I remember anything. Really. When I was a kid I liked to spend rainy days wandering around […]

Huh? No Really. When Tweets aren’t just tweets.

I get so busy that sometimes I miss some really fun(ny) things that are happening on some of the Social Media sites. In this case I am thinking of Twitter which has a very open attitude about sharing it’s innards, known in the industry as an API – application programming interface. Basically this allows other […]

Jungian Archetypes and social media

People involved in online social media are certainly not that different from people involved in any other group activity. We are each a unique individual but we still tend to statistically fall into a few loosely defined categories. Understanding some of these categories can benefit us in effectively designing our approach to integrating social media […]

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