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I founded an ISP in the early 1990s as an outgrowth of my years running a FidoNet connected BBS. The BBS was dedicated to dbase programming, games and mufon. I had been running a BBS since the mid 1980s, initially in Hawaii and more recently here in Washington.

When I founded HarborNet, I designed, built, tested, and configured the servers, routers, and other telecommunications equipment necessary to grow the business to include over 12,000 individual system accounts with three wide area points of presence. HarborNet supported all of its email and web services in house. Initially HarborNet ran its own news servers but I decided that it made more sense to outsource that service. HarborNet managed its own dial-up and ISDN servers as well.

I have a wide range of business and communications skills including the ability to design, implement, review and finish projects of various types. Some of these skills are specific and focused on the Telecom Industry but many are very broad and were developed in the course of running a business with 20 employees for many years and raising five children, three biological and two adopted. For several years I taught civilians and military officers how to fly light aircraft and gave evening classes in test taking skills for federal written and oral exams.

I have the ability to self educate in order to accomplish goals. I read voraciously, understand, and write in English.

I have written or have been instrumental in supplying content for several hardware and software manuals (a couple for software I wrote) and have had industry related articles published in local newspapers and magazines as well as supplied content for several websites, including

My ‘hands on’ business experience has helped me remain flexible but persistent in my problem solving approach as well as in the pursuit and finalization of project goals.

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