the capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or the facilitation of a function or activity.

Simple backup script for Single Server Zimbra Community

This is just a simple script that I wrote to manage backing a singer server installation of Zimbra Community. It needs some attention, additional tests, etc. but works as is with zimbra 8.x on an ubuntu 12.04 server installation. Of course you will need to change ip addresses to suit your environment… —– start of […]

Installation of zimbra 8.06 Collaboration Server Open Source on a hyper-v vm

Installation of zimbra 8.06 Collaboration Server Open Source on a hyper-v vm March 2014 – ken lombardi Well – I thought I would jot down some notes while I was installing ZCS – Open Source on a Hyper-V cluster. Single server installation. In the short time since this installation we have all been […]

Fail2ban – Intrusion attempts against Asterisk

You can find directions for doing this is several places and I debated whether or not I wanted to post this anywhere but in the process of walking through this¬†install for some interns and poking through a number of different log files I noted that the regular expressions being used were a little out of […]

Recovering a broken mirrored drive – ubuntu 9.04

The other day I got an email from mdadm, a process running on some of our servers that keeps an eye on the raid array. —– This is an automatically generated mail message from mdadm¬†running on woo A DegradedArray event had been detected on md device /dev/md0. Faithfully yours, etc. P.S. The /proc/mdstat file currently […]

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