the capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or the facilitation of a function or activity.

11 steps to a better relationship…with your data.

11 steps to a better relationship…with your data. New Years Resolutions – Keep your data Yours. After reading some new information regarding the Target data breach in December that exposed the personal and financial information of more than one hundred and ten million people (110,000,000) we at 2bridges Technologies thought it would be wise to […]

Installation of zimbra 8.06 Collaboration Server Open Source on a hyper-v vm

Installation of zimbra 8.06 Collaboration Server Open Source on a hyper-v vm March 2014 – ken lombardi Well – I thought I would jot down some notes while I was installing ZCS – Open Source on a Hyper-V cluster. Single server installation. In the short time since this installation we have all been […]

2 LastPass or not 2 LastPass

Over the last year security breaches of various kinds have made millions of logins and passwords available to virtually anyone that is interested. The recent Adobe software breach alone released roughly 38 million logins and passwords onto the open internet. We know that this kind of information leaked onto the net causes damage, but we […]

My Xoom MZ602 (Verizon LTE) doesn’t get 4G anymore

This is for Xoom MZ602 – verizon lte/4G device – Wrong baseband running 4.1.2 – gets 3g but no 4g So… not sure how but somewhere along the line this 4G Xoom of mine lost its way and could no longer see the 4Gees. Possibly during some ROM install or another (or maybe cosmic radiation). […]

Mirrored Drive Failure #2 – Win Server 2003

I am on a roll with failed mirrored drives lately. I am currently fixing a friends failed mirror set on a windows 2003 server after last weeks in-house ubuntu software raid 1 failure.   The phone call The system volume on the primary drive failed due to read errors.  When rebooted they could not get […]

Default Password Policy Win Server 2008

Changing Server 2008 Password Policy I have been having some fun working on a couple of Windows Server 2008 R2 installations. Learning a lot of new things every day and this is something that I thought might be of interest. In one installation the folks that were paying the bill did not like the default […]

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